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We pride ourselves on excellent customer service and offer flexibility to ensure that you receive a high level of service  when you need it, we can tailor breakdown and maintenance programs to your requirements so that you can rest assured that if a fault develops it will be repaired quickly.

Our fully trained site representatives will always offer you the best cutting edge filtration products that are on the market, we only supply genuine spare parts and work with market leading filtration company’s to ensure that you receive leading edge filtration and separation solutions backed up by our trained engineers, we don’t just supply the product we offer a full sampling program and advise you on what you need to achieve the cleanliness that you require.

We offer training and full system after-care, even stocking your spares for you.

Our company policy is that our site representatives are a reflection of our company, they will arrive on time, in well maintained vehicles and look smart, they will carry spare parts and have all equipment available to minimise downtime in a cost effective manner


Our range of services

System Healthcare

We offer a full system healthcare check, this useful tool will highlight maintenance issues and wear patterns minimising down time and lost production, we can schedule checks across the year to manage your system health and maximise production reliability.
Using the HYDAC FCU Particle counter and the Hydac HMG data logger we can measure the following:-
  • System pressure/pressures/
  • System Temperature
  • Flowrate
  • Differential pressure
  • Pressure spikes
  • Fluid cleanliness in NAS or ISO
  • Moisture content
  • And much more…
You will be issued with a report after each visit. Contact us today for a system management plan.

Managed 24/7 call out and response

Pre arranged with our clients for critical applications we can offer a dedicated call out service we will support you whenever you call to ensure your system is running with minimal loss to downtime.

Filtration Systems & Management

Let us manage the control of your filters, we will stock these items on your behalf and you call off knowing they are in stock.

Technical Support

We can offer technical support for all systems.

Pall Purifier/system servicing and supply of original spare parts (In stock)
We are ex pall service engineers and can provide oil purifier servicing at a competitive price we hold many service kits and spare parts in stock at all times, we can offer break down support and managed service visits.

Transformer Treatment

To minimse the moisture content of the insulating oil and remove harmful gases, we have the equipment to extend the life of your transformer oil and avoid catastrophic failures.

Offshore HPU Survey and Servicing

We have been used by our clients globally to survey HPU systems, sample, manage obsolescence, spare parts and service to ensure efficient and reliable running.

Sea Water Packages

Installation and commissioning of sea water packages for the removal of sulphates or potable water.

Process Filtration

Installation, commisioning and fault finding on process equipment.


We offer QHP accumulators and can recharge the pre charge, fit and supply and fit gas side safety valves.

Fluid Cleanliness Auditing

We can offer a full site fluid cleanliness audit, a detailed report with be submitted with improvements and recommendations.


We can flush systems from 10 Ltrs/minute up to 300 Ltrs minute, with on line monitoring we can check the condition of the fluid during the work scope to ensure that the system has been fully flushed to your specification.

Diesel Clean up and De-Watering

Please see our latest news on Diesel clean up.

Supply and Fitment of Filtration

We can supply and fit all types of filtration, with our own welders and pipefitters we can ensure that the system can be installed correctly.

Air Intake Filtration for Gas Turbines

Supply and fitment of Camfil and AAF air filtration. We can also offer full cleaning of the intake plenum.

Fluid Management and Analysis

We can routinely sample your systems and provide detailed laboratory reports on the condition of your fluids and any necessary steps required to be taken. Using our monitoring and analysing equipment we can offer an on line fluid cleanliness report on site.

Sampling with Full Laboratory Support

Our independent lab can analyse fluids for solid particulate, moisture, TAN levels, degradation of fluid, viscosity and many more checks.

Hydraulic Power Pack Supply and Service

We offer the supply and repair of power packs

Specialist Applications

We are specialists in oil filled underground cable systems, transformer treatment (de gassing and dewatering) and aviation fluids.

Supply and Programming of Control Systems

We can build you a control system for your process, incorporating Allen Bradley, Telemecanique or Siemens PLC and associated control gear.

Manufacturing/CNC Machinery Support and Planned Maintenance

Our engineers have wide knowledge in the fault finding and servicing on a range of machine tools: – Mazak, Bridgeport, Quaser, Daewoo, Hitachi Seiki we can offer packages to minimise your downtime.

Specialists in the Treatment of Water- RO and Filtration

We have installed and service RO systems and water treatment packages in a wide range of locations globally.

Lloyds Approved Coded Welders

We achieved Lloyds accreditation last year for welding, our welder can carry out work in our workshop or at customer sites.

Hose Management

We offer a complete hose management with dedicated software to manage the test dates and age of hoses.

Customer Training

We can offer customer training on any of the above topics, we have previously been used to train a large offshore field team on sampling and analysing a patch.

Oil Analysis & Sampling

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