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Our rentals division hold a large inventory of specialised equipment, supplied from market leading companies. We have invested in the latest equipment on the market for all your filtration and monitoring needs. We have Oil Purifiers,fluid condition monitors and oil analyse, filtration skids, diesel clean up packages,patch kits,gas boosters,hoses,HPU’s and many more items.

  • Oil purifiers(Various sizes and makes from 5 Ltrs/min up to 75 Ltrs/min)
  • Fluid condition monitors(Hydac FCU’s,CS,AS(Aqua sensor) and Pall PCM’s, water sensors)
  • HPU, Complete with reservoir and stored accumulation
  • Patch kits
  • Water sensors
  • Diesel Fuel clean products(for removing of contamination and water)
  • Oil filtration from transferring oil and filtering to specialised seperation systems we have equipment available for all of your applications.
  • Hydraulic test equipment – Hydac HMG data logger and pressure transducers.
  • Accumulator packages
  • Hoses


  • Hydac FAM25
  • PALL HNP021
  • PALL HNP022
  • PALL HXP022
  • PALL HNP073
  • PALL HNP074
  • Fluid cleanliness Monitors
  • Patch kits
  • Water sensors
  • Accumulator packs
  • HPU’s
  • Diesel filtration
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