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Filtration Systems & Management


Modern filtration systems have developed to reduce energy consumption and increase efficiency across your systems. In the current industrial environment, it’s vital to reduce energy consumption wherever possible. A small reduction in pressure drop across a filter can result in reductions in power use which can quickly add up over a year to large cost savings and decreased energy use. Investments in upgraded filter systems and elements can often be very quickly recouped in this way.


MT Mechelec can help with the full lifecycle of filtration systems.


Specification and design

We work with some of the leaders in the filtration industry to help ensure you get the right filtration systems for your application. Whether you’re looking for separation systems for food production processes, filtration for your hydraulic fluids or air intake filtration, we’ve got you covered. We can supply products from Pall, Hydac, Amazon, MP Filtri and many more of the industry’s biggest names.

First, we will visit your site to discuss the issues and audit and assess your existing filtration systems. Once our engineers have discussed what you need, we will design a filtration system to match your requirements. Once we’ve made a proposal, we’ll ask for your feedback before committing to a final design.

With our close working relationship with the major suppliers, we can ensure that what we specify is the best solution for your needs.



Whether your system has been designed or supplied by us or not, we can install and commission from start to finish. We have worldwide experience ranging from the offshore industries, food industries and high end automotive applications to the treatment of high specification transformer oil on mobile units. MT Mechelec have the experience and skills to handle your installation from start to finish. Our team of commissioning engineers are available worldwide and are offshore trained.


Service and Support

We offer service and support on all filtration systems. We can supply spares at extremely competitive prices. We offer servicing and repair work on existing systems, as well as having the expertise to help you optimise your filtration.


Case Study – Offshore Fluid Cleanliness

One of our offshore clients was experiencing fluid cleanliness issues on a topside subsea hydraulic package. The fluid condition is critical as once subsea, any particulate can cause major issues with blocking pilot valves and other component failures, causing loss of production and costly interventions.

We visited the platform, sampled the fluid and audited the filtration and the hydraulic systems. The filtration installed was not sized accordingly with the levels of contamination, due to contaminated fluid returning from subsea into the same tank.

We identified a suitable ATEX housing with 10 times more dirt holding capacity and installed this housing in the Hydraulic Package offshore. We also drained and cleaned the hydraulic tank, to ensure the system was starting from a clean condition.

These steps have ensured that the system is now maintained in excellent condition, within specification and with reduced maintenance intervention time for changing elements.

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