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Oil Sampling & Analysis


Fluid condition monitoring should play a central role in any predictive and preventative maintenance schedule for hydraulic systems. Over time, the fluids and components in your systems can degrade, causing costly downtime and unplanned maintenance.

By implementing a regular oil sampling and analysis regime, you can help spot the following –

  • Water Contamination
    • The presence of water in your hydraulic systems can lead to a host of other more serious issues.
  • Particulate Contamination
    • Particulate can enter a system from a number of sources including component wear, varnish build up and filter failure
    • This particulate can cause further damage to components such as bearings, control valves and measurement devices, as well as reducing filter element lifespan.
    • Once you have particulate contamination, the rate at which more particles build up in the system increases. For a healthy system, it’s very important to stay on top of particulate contamination.
  • Fluid degradation
    • Modern hydraulic and lubrication fluids contain a mixture of additives which help prevent oxidation of the fluids and wear to the components in your system. Fluid additive packages are often carefully matched to the conditions in which the fluids will operate.
    • Over time, and with exposure to water, heat, pressure and other harsh conditions, these additive packages will degrade, leaving you with a fluid that does not meet its designed and selected criteria
  • Varnish build up
    • As your fluids degrade, varnish products are formed. These compounds will leave deposits on your system and can lead to component wear and loss of performance or failure of control valves, actuators and other precision components.

At MT Mechelec, we have the experience and knowledge to keep an eye on your fluids and prevent the above problems, plus many others caused by system fluids in poor health.

We can offer on site oil sampling and analysis services, bringing our equipment to you to give you on the spot results and advice.

We can help set up a scheduled oil sampling and lab analysis regime, either visiting your site on a regular basis or accepting your samples through the post and providing trends and comprehensive analysis

Our team of skilled service engineers can interpret your results to identify sources of contamination and how these can be reduced.

By allowing us to look after your sampling and fluid cleanliness, we can provide the equipment and expertise to reduce your unplanned downtime and component failure costs.

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