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Specialist Dewatering & Fluid Sampling & Analysis Services


Mt Mechelec are experts in Dewatering, Fluid Sampling & Fluid Analysis. Over time, moisture can build up in hydraulic and lubrication fluids. This water can come from a number of sources – leaks, humid environments and ingress from process as examples. This water can cause a series of significant issues

  • Fluid degradation
    • The presence of water in hydraulic fluids can cause loss of additives and premature wear of the fluids. This could mean you are replacing your fluids more regularly, or your fluids aren’t doing their job as well as they should.
  • Varnish
    • As fluids wear, varnish products are often formed. These are compounds which come out of solution and can deposit on filter elements, tank walls, pipelines and components.
    • These varnish deposits can cause increased filter element use, increased contamination levels and component failures, amongst other issues,
  • Component Corrosion
    • The presence of water, either as free water or as dissolved water, can cause component corrosion. This is particularly an issue in high pressure/temperature applications, although all systems with water present are at risk.
    • This could mean premature failure of bearings, or hydraulic control elements losing precision or function.


At MT Mechelec, we understand the pressured placed upon maintenance systems and budgets across industry. Premature component failures mean extra costs in spare parts, labour and downtime.

We can assist your business with water detection, fluid analysis and dewatering.

  • Detection
    • We can supply and install a range of water detection systems from leading manufacturers such as Hydac, Pall and MP FIltri
    • These systems can either display locally or can feed into your existing DCS or alarm systems.
    • We can provide the latest systems offering cloud-based monitoring of your fluids
  • Analysis
    • We can provide sampling and analysis services, either by visiting your site or by receiving samples through the post.
    • With analysis of these samples, we can accurately trend water content, particulate, oil additives and varnish products and many more variables,
    • With this data, we can advise on the remaining life of your fluids, or of any sudden changes in water content, varnish levels or additive availability.
    • We can also look for the tell-tale signs of component failure and advise you on the likely sources.
  • Dewatering
    • We can provide temporary and permanent solutions for removal of water from your hydraulic systems. We have a range of purifiers available for hire, along with our team of skilled hydraulic engineers. We can also identify and supply permanent water removal systems.
    • Our service team can offer aftermarket service support for any new or existing water removal systems on the market.
    • We can offer consultation on your equipment and processes to identify where your sources of water ingress are and how they can be reduced.


Specialised Fluids

We have a wealth of experience with specialised fluids. Here are just two examples –

  • Where our clients use Phosphate Esters (Fire Resistant Fluids, FRF), failure to reduce and manage moisture content, combined with system heat, leads to acid formation. You may have heard of this expressed as TAN. These acids can reduce the life of the oil and increases air retention, oxidisation and corrosion. Often, filter consumption will also increase
  • We look after several clients who use Insulating Oils. Due to their applications in high voltage power transmission (transformers, cables and switchgear etc.) moisture content needs to be monitored and kept at very low levels, to insure isolation remains intact

MT Mechelec are experts in hydraulic fluid and system care. Let us share our knowledge and help you solve your problems.

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