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MS Konningsdam

MS Konningsdam cruise liner fuel package

On behalf of our client we travelled to Barcelona cruise liner port to investigate vibration and pulsation on the MS Konningsdam cruise liner fuel package supplied by Alfa Laval.

MS Konningsdam cruise liner

MS Konningsdam


We were asked to investigate the operation of the fuel dampers. We connected our Hydac HMG into circuit to measure the system pressure and pulsation / damping effect. It was found that on three of the dampers the pre charge pressure was low and the damper was having no effect on the system.

Hydac HMG connected to system

HMG connected to system and reading pressure

The ship requested that we fit new in stock dampers and check the pre charge. Once installed and the fuel package operational we measured the damping / pulsation and it had reduced massively due to the new Hydac dampers and correct pre charge.

Engine data after new damper fitted

Engine A with new damper fitted and pre charge checked,
showing reduced even pulsation.



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